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Bancc offers practical support to financial organizations that wish to explore the possibilities offered by blockchain technology and decide to implement it in their processes.

Financial institutions have understood the importance of blockchain  disruption to redefine the banking and payments sector.

  With Bancc, businesses and companies have the ideal ally in the blockchain transformation of the financial sector, providing best practices in the development and implementation of dApps based on blockchain technology

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In order to accelerate the World’s transition to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, with Bancc solutions will be significantly simplified, faster, cost effective and beneficial than ever before from current solutions.

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We believe expanding strategically in different regions of the world is the best way to gain an stable and healthy growth.

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We will spread all over the world and grow.


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Aiming to tackle the world’s most challenging problems and see them as an opportunity to create value. With vast experience of creating business at a mere age of 13, has a knack for seeing what needs to be done before it even needs to be done. The person who can find the answer before you even know what the question is. Been in the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry since 2012.

Nils-Julius Byrkjeland

CEO, CTO & Founder

Benjamin is currently a professional athlete and investor in property, stocks and crypto. Benjamin is a junior partner in an online crypto casino.Benjamin started his first company when he was 15 years old together with Nils-Julius and has a good eye for seeing opportunities where others can’t see them.

Benjamin Byrkjeland

Chief Sales Officer

Serving as a CMO at Bancc, Mirian takes on challenging responsibilities, such as Handling market uncertainty and Accelerated blockchain transformation. She is an MBA, a professional in Strategic Market Analysis, and skilful Project Management. Her Opening New Markets background allows her to take this journey with Bancc and approach our goals successfully.

Mirian Salinas

Chief Marketing Officer


Digital Manager

TC-Crypto Technical Advisor
Heinz S. Graphical Designer
Abhilasha Lead Content Writer
Hashir N. Business Developer
3+ Developers Front, Back and Full Stack

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