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Undoubtedly, 2019 was “the year of FinTech”, in other words, a mix of financial services and technology. Since the early 2000s, a number of FinTech businesses have prospered, but in recent years, businesses that use modern technology and adaptable, customer-focused approaches to address problems in the conventional financial system have found enormous success.

Introducing our New Beginnings

Bancc has undergone a huge transformation if we talk about branding. With the new logo encrypted along with a much more innovative, sleeker, and minimal design, Bancc has made sure that it is a high-end brand that will elevate your experience. Have a look at our updated version on our website:

The main reason behind this transformation is that we want to stand out and deliver better and more public awareness about our company. Bancc is now emerging as the next high-end FinTech company designed specially to take care of your financial needs.

The two most significant examples of fintech are blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Users can purchase or trade well-known cryptocurrencies with the help of such companies. And Bancc is also on a path to transition from a “Crypto Company” to a High-end FinTech company. It has built an all-new Blockchain – BancChain™️ to bring that transition, facilitating transactions up to 100K TPS.

Bancc products now hold a brand new fresh updated logo that reflects its mission to boost the said transition. In order to do that, it aims to provide simpler, beneficial, cost-effective, and user-friendly solutions globally.

Not only that, it is equally important that a balanced ecosystem be maintained between blockchain, cryptocurrency, and individuals and how they interact with each other, integrating a simpler process. With the everyday problems rising among the masses, the solutions need to be equally beneficial to the user as much as they are beneficial to the company. With decentralization, this can be achieved without worrying about building trust in the third person.

The three pillars of success

Dynamism, cost-effectiveness, and network are the three pillars Bancc has built its values on. With these three in mind, Bancc has reconfigured itself with a fresh new design keeping in mind a high-end branding image for the company.

Dynamic: Join the Bancc Ecosystem without difficulty and carry on with your company model as usual, or make changes to it to increase consumer and business outreach.

Cost-effective: The main goal of every business is to provide the best services to the consumers. Bancc is trying to achieve the same by making the competition harder and indulging consumers in better products/ services, meanwhile maintaining the business model. With its mission, Bancc aims to provide better financial services at an optimal cost.

Network: By forming alliances with companies around the world to enable new merchants to join, Bancc views itself as a place where it can assist you in developing better relationships with international emerging enterprises.

What is Fintech?

Fintech, a phrase that is frequently used in the current digital era, has helped change how consumer banking is done. Financial technology is an industry that consists of companies that use modern technology and innovation to compete in the market for traditional financial institutions and intermediaries in financial services. With the growing advent of “digital” throughout the globe, it has become much easier to achieve financial services.

With Fintech and crypto combined, Bancc has conquered the way we use money. It believes that as individuals it is our sole right to be able to get access to our assets and have that freedom of using them as and when we want them. This, in turn, has made fund management so much more convenient for anyone and everyone.

High costs of banking services, confusing paperwork, and age-old traditional banking protocols which have left a huge portion of the population unbanked or underbanked, are the main obstacles to traditional banking. By removing costly physical networks, older legacy operations, IT systems, and building a lean operating model, Bancc is here to disrupt that, offering a range of service diversification and personalization options to accommodate various socioeconomic strata.

Bancc aims to build on the foundation of improved user experience, greater transparency, and the creation of superior financial products. With Bancc, not only will you be connecting with one of the most professional teams in the finance industry but will also see how finance and technology come together as a whole, understanding the future of financial technology.

Onboarding made simpler

The most important change that Bancc has undergone is the onboarding process. By offering the competitors a smooth entry into the world of cryptocurrencies, our platform will render the fee-based revenue model obsolete. With this update, the Bancc platform will be able to dynamically bring in additional businesses to the Bancc Ecosystem, which will not only benefit the company but also result in a rise in users.

With Bancc offering one of the leading financial technologies, it offers the following features during the onboarding process for your already established business:

Technology: Getting linked with our blockchain enables you to save on operations costs big time. This is something of a global issue that is addressed very well at Bancc along with solving major technological challenges.

Faster process: FinTech has made it possible for all processes to be finished in no time. All processes that would typically need customers to wait a certain amount of time can be completed five times faster. Flexibility is another factor in this pace. Banks may find it challenging to meet all of the customers’ needs because they are constantly changing. Without the need for a middleman in between, Bancc has made money transfers easier than ever before.

Safety and convenience: Although some people do not associate technology with safety, a consumer may examine the security of the certificate of each Fintech company in this way, providing them with absolute assurance that they are safe. In addition to safety, ease is a key advantage. Consumers can handle multiple currencies, and Fintech is also practical because everything is mobile. This enables all customers, wherever they may be, to finish their transactions. The BancChain makes sure that all your transaction and information is kept safe.

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FinTech & Blockchain

Blockchain offers a new level of freedom and security by utilizing its distributed, decentralized, transparent, and unchangeable digital ledger technology. The information is not under the control of a single entity and the data cannot be changed by anyone.

With this next-gen model, Bancc aims to bridge the gap between FinTech and blockchain safely to create a more efficient, securer & cheaper financial system, becoming the first decentralized payment processing platform for the people and by the people.

Bancc has built a dynamic revenue model that will not only benefit the company but will also help in onboarding consumers, businesses, and institutions.

Join us:

Meanwhile, we invite you to join our Discord server which has been completely updated with some new additions like:

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