Bancc Community Update June

It’s the last Friday in June and Midsommar in Sweden and Sankt Hans In Norway, to all our friends from the Scandinavian parts of the world we wish you an happy Midsommar and Sankt Hans. 


We have done a lot of updates as you probably can see one of the more visible ones are the branding. We know we have an extremely good brand and want to leverage that into a more sleek, minimal and innovative look that puts us in a more high-end branding. We are extremely happy with this and as you can see on the updated website, we’ve done a lot to maintain that. 

The Bancc products have all gotten a fresh updated logo that makes it very easy to recognize the brand as our main focus these upcoming months are to gain public awareness about the company. 

We`re not gonna talk to much about this but as you can see for yourself we’re on the right path to transition from a “Crypto Company” to a High-end FinTech company. 

Whitepaper: As an obvious update to a fresh new design, we have added some content and new features to the Whitepaper. The biggest one is onboarding, as we know that our platform will make the fee-based revenue model ancient history we want to offer companies (our competitors) an easy foot in to the cryptocurrency world. This update will make the Bancc platform able to dynamically get other businesses circulating economy into the Bancc Ecosystem that will not only enhance the business but have an positive impact on gain of users. 


As we’re doing extensive testing on the BancChain and things are looking really good and we’re soon looking into testnet launch publicly. We have written all of the necessary information to get to know a bit more about the blockchain specifications. You can check more information regarding the blockchain here


There has been a moment of silence because of various reasons and I think that all of us can agree that the market conditions are very shaky during these times. We will see how the market reacts in the distant future in order to proceed. We still have our forms available for fundraising but starting from next week we will have some goodies to give out to you. We urge everyone to join the Discord server as this has been completely reconfigured and updated with some nice news such as;

  • Auto-mod system
  • Auto whitelist system
  • Auto role picker
  • A whole lot of new channels


As we have soft started with the fundraising we are now able to do it in fully and we will begin reaching out to VCs/ Angel investors next week. We have determined that the best approach forward on is to launch when the conditions is set for it. 

Make sure to checkout all of the new links on the website! Thank you. 


The Bancc Team