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Bancc is a Blockchain company that are setting sail on creating the next decentralized financial platform by bridging the gap between existing technologies with blockchain possibilities. 

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One step at a time


Three Years in the making

Bancc Ecosystem features

The global & cryptocurrency market are limited to financial options that are expensive and slow to use. Leaving a huge market left untouched. Being short for better alternatives, that’s what we have been stuck with until now…

Money Transfers

Send Money worldwide within 1 second using our easy to use app

Finance & Trading

Easily trade your favorite cryptocurrency with our easy to use app

Debit Cards

Pay with your own debit / credit BancCard™️  or pay directly with the cryptocurrency wallet. Your money, your choice


Setup your online store in a few clicks with the Bancc™️ Marketplace 

Bancc™️ Products & Services


BanccSwap™️ / Q2

BanccSwap™️ is a decentralised exchange with audited smart contracts to start building liquidity for upcoming pairs of the Banc token such as BUSD, USDT, WBNB or provide liquidity to any token on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

BanccYield™️ / Q2

BanccYield™️ is a decentralised yield farming platform for you to farm sBanc in an easy and incentivising way. Provide one of the pairs and get rewarded in sBanc. 

BanccCEX™️ / Q2

BanccCEX™️ is a centralised exchange where you will be able to trade up to 160+ pairs with great liquidity backing of other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash etc. BanccCEX™️ is an important product into the Bancc™️ ecosystem and will not only offer trading capabilities but also lending/borrowing options for the users to earn on.

BanccAccount™️ / Q2

BanccAccount™️ is your personal account to easily have an overview of your fiat and cryptocurrency assets. Order your BancCard™️ and start saving fees on all transactions when you've staked your tokens in BancChain™️.

BanccNFT™️ / Q3

BanccNFT™️ will be an exclusive and limited portion of NFT's for users to get their hands on which will have a different set of design characteristics for each specific NFT. The features will be between the lines of pre-order of the upcoming debit cards to no fees for trading.

BanccPay™️ / Q3

BanccPay™️ is the payment gateway for fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Accept everyone everywhere Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc and automatically transfer it through BanccCex™️ to fiat or cryptocurrency.

BanccMerchant™️ / Q4

BanccMerchant™️ is a fully fledged Point-of-Sale system to offer flexibility and easy scalability for any merchant to accept & start selling their products/services in the world, both online and offline. 

Interoperable and Scalable


The global & cryptocurrency market are limited to financial options that are expensive and slow to use. Leaving a huge market left untouched. Being short for better alternatives, that’s what we have been stuck with until now…


Transactions in lightning speed  & up to 10,000 Transactions per second


Earn $BANC by running
a BancChain™️ validator


Your Coins, Your opportunites


Swap with over 100+ assets cross-chain

Making simple solutions

User Friendly Made For Anyone


One of our main beliefs is that every Crypto coin/token should have utility. A lot of projects miss that part but we don’t. $BANCC will be used our platform to solve a real world problem and that’s what makes us different.


User automatically buys Bancc.


The users sends the bought
$Banc to the desired user


The users receives the bancc and can exchange to any fiat or crypto
they prefer manually or automatically.

The Future Defined

Simple & Sophisticated

Vision was created

The initial idea was created. We wanted to create a product that enables cross border payments fast, easy and lowest fees on the market. The research concluded that the current providers offers services that are outdated, unreliable and high of cost for the users. We came to the conclusion that in order to provide something better we cannot be exclusive to a specific social economic class. We decided to update and revise what we now call the “platform”.


$50K Seed Round Raised

We succeded with a $50K Seed round and got some more money to start development of the platform. Late 2021 we rebranded and updated the technology that we believe is needed to create a interoperable, efficient and including blockchain.



✅ – Public Sale on Binance Smart Chain(PinkSale)
✅ – Banking & Cryptowallet
✅ – BanccDex™️
✅ – BanccDAO™️
✅ – BanccStaking™️
🚀- Huge Marketing campaign (Ongoing)



⚡️- BanccCEX™️ (Centralised Exchange)
⚡️- BancChain™️
⚡️- Ethereum Virtual Machine Compatibility
⚡️- Crosschain swap
⚡️- BanccSwap™️
⚡️- BanccYield™️
⚡️- BanccAccount™️


⚡️- BanccMarketplace™️
⚡️- BanccPay™️
⚡️- Payment Gateway
⚡️- BanccSure™️
❇️ – More upcoming…


⚡️- Point-of-Sale System
⚡️- BanccMerchant™️
❇️ – More upcoming…

Platform release

⚡️- The final platform with all the products above into one single application


About Bancc

The Team

We're the reason Crypto will become mainstream. The faults of the payment industry is about to be a memory of the past. It's time for crypto to do what crypto was designed to do - solve real world problems. With our $BANCC coin and all the features that comes with it - we believe we are the future of the payment industry and we're inviting YOU on the journey.


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How can Bancc™️ compete with, Binance etc?

The core idea behind every successful company is focusing on profitability of course. The main difference between Bancc™️ and these companies is that these companies want to generate as high income as possible for their shareholders and their validators are seen as partners within their company strategy and revenue model. Bancc brings the same type of revenue model but for the “public” eye. Decreasing the total income for Bancc and increasing it for the participants in the blockchain.

How can Bancc™️ do all of these things?

Technology is an interesting part of evolution and as we have seen with Bitcoin, especially the last decade. Things are starting to evolve at a greater pace than ever before. Bancc was founded on the belief that technology should be available for everyone and making it difficult for users to interact with is not the road we believe is right. By connecting existing technologies that have a previous history that shows stability and room for growth Bancc™️, will be able to bridge the gap between regular banking instruments and the cryptocurrency atmosphere.

Why is Bancc needed?

The world is changing and cryptocurrency is here to stay. Just one thing, fees. If you look at it in the general users that for example uses remittance services. Fees are somewhat the same thing. Nobody wants to work for free but charging high fees harms the potential growth of the network. Sending 10$ of worth should not be costing 60$ at prime time. The general public will be needing something that is cost effective and easier to use than the current services provided today. Bancc™️ solves this problem in a decentralised manner with creating a healthy and sustainable economy that does not rely on one single part, but the overall users in the network.

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Smart Contract Info

Token Name – Bancc
Ticker – sBanc
Reward Token – BTC
Liquidity Fee – 1%
BuyBack Fee – 0% (Manual Burns)
Reflection Fee – 7%
Marketing Fee – 3%
Ticker: sBanc
Decimals: 9