Fintech & Crypto combined to conquer the way we use money.

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One fully-fledged financial platform

We understand what you need

Everything you will ever need in one single application. 


Transactions Per Second.

0% fee

Our Blockchain. We decide the fees.

Debit Card

Use worldwide, no hidden fees.

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Send money effortlessly. 100% cheaper than all of our competitors.


Receive from anywhere in the world with any Fiat/Crypto you want.


Accept any crypto/fiat currency you want with fees as low as 0%.

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About us

We will give the best for you

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency is advancing to the new era of fintech. Companies with their utility based on hype & hope is coming to an end. Bancc™️ has built an all-new Blockchain – BancChain™️ to change that.


Technology Partners

Startup Program Partners that have helped us sustain and build efficient technology


Onboarding our competitors to the next-gen Payment Processing Network.

We know that our platform is going to eliminate our competitors revenue model, big time. Too long the middlemen has taking their overpriced cut, we are the solution to the problem.

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